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30.Nov.2019 || a collaboration || MiasMatrix || Private event || GubbiAnn Lun Ário blackstacks Gattacicova || Berlin || With Blackstacks at the drums, and Gattacicova at the keyboards, GubbiAnn and Lun Ário at th noise machines. At a party with performances in Wedding, near Osloerstr, behind Punjabi Market, from 20h on. PM if you want to come and need to know the location.

 MiasMatrix are Blackstacks, Gattaccicova and GubbiAnn

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Post-punk with a hint of prog

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February 2020

12.Feb.2020 || Pausa A Pausa || The Glitter un-Dojo || GubbiAnn Lun Ário Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos || Berlin || The first of series of HausKonzerte featuring one mute film with live soundtrack. Invitational only due to space limitations. Write us if interested.

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Noise, improv, synth, ambient, drone Pausa A Pausa is a new collaboration between GubiAnn, Lun Ário, and Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos, focusing on emerging gestures and environments ...(cont.)

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02.Nov.2023 || Lun Ário sound project || Lauschangriff Berlin || Lun Ário || Berlin || This is the first event of fem*noise. I am too lazy to add the whole line up, will do it later.

Anja Müller From the shooting for book project

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Does what it says in the package

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08.May.2024 || Chiseling Clouds || HOŠEK CONTEMPORARY || Ann Antidote Lun Ário || Berlin || Lun Ário (real time sampler) + GubbiAnn (4 track tape machine, live processing) with Fragrant Frequencies (aka the coffee making performance)

Ann Antidote Arcanoa

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Berlin-based "Chiseling Clouds", formerly called "Improvised Handmade Music", are Lun Ário and GubbiAnn. They play improvised electronic music creating noise and ambient soundscap...(cont.)

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