Regular events

Music and sound, Un-Merch || Lun Ário sound project || The Glitter un-Dojo || Berlin || Come over and play music with me. Every week.

Workshop, Rope || Bondage regular event || The Glitter un-Dojo || Berlin || Thursday 9.Fev.2023 2h (basics), Wed. 15.Fev.2023 2h (regular), and evtl. Tu. 21.Fev.2023 2h if enough people interested, Sun. 19.Fev.2023 3h (extended).

February 2023

24.Feb.2023 || Workshop, Rope || Shibari, aka Japanese Rope Bondage || Sexclusiver Salon || Berlin

March 2023

12.Mar.2023 || Music and sound, Un-Merch || GubbiAnn sound project || Lauschangriff Berlin || Berlin || GubbiAnn + NoaEatsMargulis! Performance/Music with candle play and other instruments of discipline.

24-26.Mar.2023 || Workshop || BDSM and queer BDSM: term clarification and talk || Private event || Lausanne

28.Mar.2023 || Music and sound, Un-Merch || Pausa A Pausa || Lauschangriff Berlin || Berlin || Pausa a Pausa with Harshini

April 2023

12.Apr.2023 || Music and sound, Un-Merch || Pausa A Pausa || HOŠEK CONTEMPORARY || Berlin || Pausa a Pausa with Flemming Chr Hansen

June 2023

03-04.Jun.2023 || Workshop, Rope || Shibari, aka Japanese Rope Bondage || Raum 404 || Bremen || This weekend there will be workshops for a semi-closed group in the early afternoons (write me if you would be interested), and in the late afternoons I am accepting requests for private lessons and/or private sessions, or if you have a group, we can make an extra workshop in Bremen.

14.Jun.2023 || Music and sound || Chiseling Clouds (former: Improvised hand made music) || HOŠEK CONTEMPORARY || Berlin || GubbiAnn and Lun Ário play with Marina Cyrino

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Music and sound, Un-Merch

2022 || Music and sound, Un-Merch || Chiseling Clouds

Music and sound

2022 || Music and sound || Lun Ário + Notorische Ruhestörung


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