Film || There are vulvas around you, if you choose to see them (Film) || Ann Antidote Lun Ário

A queer art collective – the strange life of the savages - has been installing rope sculptures (vulvas) in urban environments, as a way to confront people with representations of feminity, body, and sexuality. The places are chosen out of aesthetic reasons or because of a specially high patriarcal/sexist content. In this film we depict some of the installed vulvas as well as the process; the voice over (by Sadie Lune et al.) explains the troubles and tribulations of people with vulvas, makes the bridge between the urban installation and current queer topics, and the need and meaning of solidarity networks (and defending the safe-space we have been creating).

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30.Mar.2022 || Film || There are vulvas around you, if you choose to see them (Film) || Ospizio Giovani Artisti || Ann Antidote || Roma || Corpologie IV OSPIZIO GIOVANI ARTISTI Mostra: CORPOLOGIE IV Artisti: Ann Antidote, Patrizia Angiolina Belvedere, Greta Isabella Conte, Werther Germondari, Ben Hantkant, Riccardo Maffioli, Slawomir J Milewski, Notorische Ruhestörung. Quarta mostra sul tema del corpo, all’interno delle (S)exhibitions, analizzato ancora una volta nelle sue infinite possibilità di interazione sociali, psicologiche e naturalmente estetiche, attraverso le opere di otto artisti internazionali, provenienti come sempre dalla Collezione OGA.

July 2022

09.Jul.2022 || Film || There are vulvas around you, if you choose to see them (Film) || Simultan Festival || Ann Antidote || Timisoara || video screening from the Simultan Festival Media Archive, curated by five master students of the Faculty of Arts and Design from Timisoara, coordinated by Maria Oroșan-Telea, based on the selected video works in the 16 editions of Simultan Festival. There are vulvas around you if you choose to see was included by Loredana Ilie.

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2014 || Her noise archive || EN || with: Ann Antidote