2022 || Film || Reasons to Scream || a collaboration || Juli Saragosa Ann Antidote

Juli Saragosa Contribution to collective script, acting by Ann Antidote

More: Reasons to Scream

Collective film development, facilitated and initiated by Juli Saragosa. In post-roduction ongoing.

2022 || Film || Playground || a collaboration || Ben Berlin Ann Antidote Carlos Eroticism

not yet snapshot from Playground, by Ben BerlinBondage and acting by Ann Antidote

Synopsis soon. It will premiere at the PFF Berlin.

2022 || Film || Truth or Dare || a collaboration || Maja Classen Ann Antidote Lo-Fi Cherry

Maja Classen Poster for film Truth or DareFilm by Maja Classen, acting by Ann Antidote and Chery among many others.

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production ongoing. Eine Video Installation über Intimität und Diversität in Sex Positiven Spaces.

2022 || Film || The Execution of O with the Death Mask || a collaboration || Merve Tuna

Merve Tuna Poster of exhibition 10.Feb - 12.Mar.Execution film. Concept Merve Tuna, Rope work Ann Antidote.

More: The Execution of O with the Death Mask

coming soon

2022 || Film || The ellusive cervix || a collaboration || Ann Antidote Insatiable Pictures Emily Adaire

Insatiable Pictures Caption from Medical Scene, Ann Antidote and Emily Adaire.Concept and direction by Insatiable Prictures, with photography/video by H.S., acting Ann Antidote and Emily Adaire.

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Finished,at the usual platforms. If you use the link below, you are supporting me via the affiliate link.

2021 || Film || (IN)securely attached || a collaboration || Ann Antidote Marielle Gerke Dan Farberoff Oliver Stein

Oliver Stein Shooting with Marielle and OliverBindungswunden und Entwicklungskrisen or (IN)securely attached. Concept and direction by Marielle Gerke with video by Dan Farberoff, photos by Oliver Stein.

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(In) securely attached The word trauma comes from the Greek and means “wound”. In a psychological context trauma describes a strong shock for the soul. It can be caused throug...(cont.)

2019 || Film || Powder of definition || a collaboration || Oil productions

Meli Melo Shooting with Oil Productions, with Ann Antidote ad Notorische RuhestörungActing (explicit) by Ann Antidote and Notorische Ruhestörung. Music by Ann Antidote.

More: Powder of definition

explicit queer film by OilProductions collective, premiere at Hacker Porn Film festival. Image + editing Melanie Boss.

2019 || Film || Blow Away || a collaboration || Anoushka Notasexpert

Anouschka Notasexpert Poster of film Blow Awaybondage suspension performance as Ann Antidote, ghost rigging.

More: Blow Away

Canal + from 2.Mar.2019, distributed afterwards.

2019 || Film || ToyZstory || a collaboration || Cat Carneveral

Raja de Luna Film caption from ToyZstory (Dreya), cinematography Raja de Luna.A Film by Cat Carneveral with acting by Ann Antidote, voice over by Ann Antidote and Lun Ário.

More: ToyZstory

The rebellion of the toys

2017 || Film || Canibal || a collaboration || Liv Massei

Liv Massei Caption from film Canibal by Liv MasseiActing by Ann Antidote.

More: Canibal

Video project by Liv Massei. video poesia_

2017 || Film || Pristine || a collaboration || Mischa Badasyan

Mischa Badasyam film still from pristinemise en scéne by Ann Antidote.

More: Pristine

They cut the tree - I kept the roots

2017 || Film || Mixed Messages || a collaboration || Kanchi Wichman

Kanchi Wichmann still from film Mixed MessagesAnn Antidote plays hirself giving a group workshop.

More: Mixed Messages

Film séries by Kanchi Wichman

2017 || Film || Neurosex3 || a collaboration || Eric Pussyboy

Erix Llaveles Caption from film NeuroSex3Acting, performance, body-noise mess with Ann Antidote.

More: Neurosex3

Contribution: performance

2017 || Film || Take me like a sea || a collaboration || Salty Cheri

Salty Cheri Poster from Take me like a SeaBondage, bondage suspension performance by Ann Antidote and Lun Ário.

More: Take me like a sea

Queer classical music porn

2016 || Film || Enactone, a queer vampire story || a collaboration || Sky Deep

Amanda Pabst Film caption from Bondage, performance, acting by Ann Antidote. Some photography and light by Lun Ário.

More: Enactone, a queer vampire story

Enactone is a queer vampire erotica filmed in Berlin.

2015 || Film || II || a collaboration || Raja de Luna Ana Tsuri

Raja de Luna Film caption from film II by Raja de LunaBondage suspension by Ann Antidote.

More: II

by Raja de Luna, Currently in post-production

2015 || Film || Let Go || a collaboration || Mischa Badasyan

Andrea Lins Set photo from Let Go by Mischa BadasyamBondage, mise en Scéne, location scouting by Ann Antidote and Lun Ário.

More: Let Go

Film by Mischa Badasyan

2014 || Film || Touched by Lover Earth || a collaboration || Dana von Schwedendorf

Lun Ário Still from film Touched by Lover Earth by Dana von SchwedendorfPhotography, sound, editing, art direction by Ann Antidote and Lun Ário.

More: Touched by Lover Earth

Ecosexual film

2014 || Film || Gay Abandon || a collaboration || James Rosalind

Justin Time Photo by Justin Time. Filmset from Gay Abandon by James RosalindBondage, mise en scéne by Ann Antidote.

More: Gay Abandon

A joyous SM sex date in the woods has an unfortunate outcome.