2016 || Enactone, a queer vampire story || a collaboration || Sky Deep

Amanda Pabst Film caption from Bondage, performance, acting by Ann Antidote. Some photography and light by Lun Ário.

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Enactone is a queer vampire erotica filmed in Berlin.

2014 || Gay Abandon || a collaboration || James Rosalind

Justin Time Photo by Justin Time. Filmset from Gay Abandon by James RosalindBondage, mise en scéne by Ann Antidote.

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A joyous SM sex date in the woods has an unfortunate outcome.

2017 || Neurosex3 || a collaboration || Eric Pussyboy

Erix Llaveles Caption from film NeuroSex3Acting, performance, body-noise mess with Ann Antidote.

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Contribution: performance

2017 || Pristine || a collaboration || Mischa Badasyan

Mischa Badasyam film still from pristinemise en scéne by Ann Antidote.

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They cut the tree - I kept the roots

2014 || Touched by Lover Earth || a collaboration || Dana von Schwedendorf

Lun Ário Still from film Touched by Lover Earth by Dana von SchwedendorfPhotography, sound, editing, art direction by Ann Antidote and Lun Ário.

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Ecosexual film

2015 || II || a collaboration || Raja de Luna Ana Tsuri

Raja de Luna Film caption from film II by Raja de LunaBondage suspension by Ann Antidote.

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by Raja de Luna, Currently in post-production

2017 || Queer, Kunst + Utopia || a collaboration || Sissi <3 <3

Sissi Zwei Zwei Title from film Ann Antidote is hirself. Lun Ário is herself.

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2017 || Mixed Messages || a collaboration || Kanchi Wichman

Kanchi Wichmann still from film Mixed MessagesAnn Antidote plays hirself giving a group workshop.

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Film séries by Kanchi Wichman

2015 || Let Go || a collaboration || Mischa Badasyan

Andrea Lins Set photo from Let Go by Mischa BadasyamBondage, mise en Scéne, location scouting by Ann Antidote and Lun Ário.

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Film by Mischa Badasyan

2019 || ToyZstory || a collaboration || Cat Carneveral

Raja de Luna Film caption from ToyZstory (Dreya)A Film by Cat Carneveral with acting by Ann Antidote, voice over by Ann Antidote and Lun Ário.

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The rebellion of the toys

2017 || Take me like a sea || a collaboration || Salty Cherie

Salty Cheri Poster from Take me like a SeaBondage, bondage suspension performance by Ann Antidote and Lun Ário.

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Queer classical music porn

2019 || Blow Away || a collaboration || Anoushka Notasexpert

Anouschka Notasexpert Poster of film Blow Awaybondage suspension performance as Ann Antidote, ghost rigging.

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Canal + from 2.Mar.2019, distributed afterwards.

2019 || Powder of definition || a collaboration || Oil productions

Meli Melo Shooting with Oil Productions, with Ann Antidote ad Notorische RuhestörungActing (explicit) by Ann Antidote and Notorische Ruhestörung. Music by Ann Antidote.

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explicit queer film by OilProductions collective, premiere at Hacker Porn Film festival. Image + editing Melanie Boss.

2019 || Film by Jessica DePovoa still to be named || a collaboration || Jessica DePovoa

Ann Antidote set picture of a film to be named by Jessica da Póvoabondage suspension, ghost-rigging by Ann Antidote.

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