2019 || MusicMaking || MiasMatrix || a collaboration || blackstacks Gattaccicova GubbiAnn

Oscar Rey Rope meets noise with Miasmatrix at the catacombs in WeddingMiasMatrix are Blackstacks, Gattaccicova and GubbiAnn

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Post-punk with a hint of prog


2021 || MusicMaking || Ctrl.xx.tension || a collaboration || Rusnam GubbiAnn

Rusnam Cover art of project Ctrl.XX.TensionCtrl.xx.tension counts with Rusnam, Nora Amin, Valentina Bellanova, Azin Zahzedi, Lynda Menoueri, Carmel Zoum, Margo Sanda, Dikumbi, Leela Faude, Ann Antidote (as GubbiAnn).

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In the experimental audio visual performance “ctrl.xx.tension”, funded by the “Senate for Culture and Europe”, the audience will be taken on a 75-minute live musical explor...(cont.)