2018 || Performance || The post-apocalyptic match girl || a collaboration || Caine Panik Notorische Ruhestörung Lun Ário Ann Antidote

Steffi Käoz the post-apocalyptic match girl by Caine PanikPerformance by Caine Panick. Music played live by Lun Ário and sometimes other friends. Contains BDSM elements as needles, fire, candles and blood.

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Based on the tale by Andresen, how a match girl freezes to death not before burning all her matches for a glimpse of warmth and light.

2016 || Performance || Live Performance || a collaboration || Lithalsa

Tamir Lederberg Lithalsa band photoBondage Performance by Ann Antidote and Lun Ário. Music concert by Lithalsa.

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Lithalsas occur when ice forms beneath the ground and lifts the earth above it. https://lithalsa.bandcamp.com/

2016 || Performance || My asshole is a nightmare || a collaboration || Pina Brutal

CocoColores Bondage performance for show My Anus is my Nightmare, by Pina BrutalBondage suspension, performance by Ann Antidote.

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Multi-disciplinary performance

2012 || Performance || Read This || a collaboration || Carlos Vargas

Carlos Vargas taken from video Performance with Ann Antidote and Lun Ário.

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Read this / Lê isto performance by Carlos Vargas

2011 || Performance || Burn After || a collaboration || Elenia De Pedro

Elenia De Pedro From project Bondage for photos by Ann Antidote and Lun Ário.

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