Bondage regular event || Ann Antidote Lun Ário

Berlin, 2-3x in the month, dates keep changing so please write us for the next dates (or to receive the newsletter with all updates). Bondage hands-on workshop. For all levels, from beginner to advanced. Limited number of participants. Safety, lots of technique, tricks, mindsets, improvisation tools, aesthetics. With a friendly, non-hierarchical approach, the scope and rythmn of the workshop - for all levels! - are adapted to meet the needs and speed of the group. The exercises are always carefully adapted to all bodies, ambitions, possibilities (or lack thereof) and needs. You get to be creative and hopefully have fun; we’ll look after the technicalities, material, safety and some structural considerations. The workshop is a diversity oriented event for adults and based on explicit consent. studiesforthunder [arroba] gmail [point] com

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Regular events

Bondage regular event || The Glitter un-Dojo || Ann Antidote Lun Ário || Berlin || Thursday 23.March.2023 2h (basics), Wed. 7.Fev.2023 2h (regular), and evtl. Th. 15.March.2023 2h if enough people interested, then Sun. 19.March.2023 3h (extended). In even months (like February) the Sunday Workshop will be a basics workshop, in odd months (like March) a regular, mostly with elements of suspension or semi-suspension, depending on who shows up and wishes in the room.