Performance event || Trash de Luxe || Rapunzel, a hairy story about identities || 2014-01-18 || Berlin || Ann Antidote Chantel C.

Antidote Around since 2013.

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Not only splitting hairs.

Perfo+Music event || Sonntagsclub || The post-apocalyptic match girl || 2019-01-20 || Berlin || Notorische Ruhestörung Ann Antidote Caine Panik

Steffi Käoz the post-apocalyptic match girl by Caine PanikPerformance by Caine Panick. Music played live by Lun Ário and sometimes other friends. Contains BDSM elements as needles, fire, candles and blood. Around since 2018.

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Based on the tale by Andresen, how a match girl freezes to death not before burning all her matches for a glimpse of warmth and light.