14.Dec.2021 || Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage || Other Nature, alternative sex-shop and gallery || Berlin, online

This hands-on workshop is dedicated to getting you doing Japanese bondage (shibari), whether you’re an absolute beginner or already have some experience. With a friendly, non-hierarchical approach, we’ll adapt the scope and depth of topics covered to meet the needs and speed of the group. No matter what, you’ll learn some basic knots and techniques so that you can tie independently well after the workshop is over. You get to be creative and have fun; we’ll look after the technicalities, material, safety and some structural considerations. Diversity of all kinds is not only welcome in this workshop, but a fundamental part of it! There is a limited amount of rope to lend: you can also bring/buy your own. Bring comfortable clothes, something to drink, and something to practice on (e.g. yoga mat) if you have it.

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