04.Jun.2023 || Workshop, Rope || Shibari, aka Japanese Rope Bondage || Raum 404 || Ann Antidote || Bremen || This weekend there will be workshops for a semi-closed group in the early afternoons (write me if you would be interested), and in the late afternoons I am accepting requests for private lessons and/or private sessions, or if you have a group, we can make an extra workshop in Bremen.

(beginner to intermediate) This workshop will provide you with knowledge to take your bondage practice to the next level, regardless of you are just beginning or already have experience. As well as safety, technique and some tricks, we’ll explore options for improvisation. Gain skills which – combined with your own imagination – will open up new, creative possibilities for everybody. The scope and depth covered will be adapted to the needs and speed of the participants, and people without bondage experience are welcome. Diversity of all kinds is not only welcome in this workshop, but a fundamental part of it, and we strive to collectively hold a safeR space! For details about a specific event, write us or the organizer. There is a limited amount of rope to lend: you can also bring/buy your own. Bring comfortable clothes, something to drink, and something to practice on (e.g. pillow, blanket, yoga mat) if you have it.

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