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GubbiAnn, based in Berlin, is for the moment a discreet sound dis/confort zone of person/s usually seen performing live with other names, constellations, and performance tools. Noise, ambient, improvisation, DIY, solidarity and collective collaboration, are not only methods but objectives to aim to. Mostly and entusiastically a collaborative project.

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MusicMaking || MiasMatrix || a collaboration || blackstacks Gattaccicova GubbiAnn

MusicMaking, Un-Merch || GubbiAnn sound project || GubbiAnn

MusicMaking || Pausa A Pausa || a collaboration || Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos GubbiAnn Lun Ário


MusicMaking || Ctrl.xx.tension || a collaboration || Rusnam GubbiAnn


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2020 || The Hatching || with: GubbiAnn Lun Ário

Music, Concert

Performance, Music

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Music Making

2019 || Kabak Beach || with: GubbiAnn Sufus Hufus

2019 || Part I || with: GubbiAnn Sufus Hufus

2018 || GubbiAnn's Bandcamp || with: GubbiAnn

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