Music and sound || Mend don't toss || a collaboration || GubbiAnn Lun Ário

Collaboration with Gubbian (Ann Antidote).

Mend don’t toss (GubbiAnn, she/they, Lun Ário, she/they) Is a doom/noise/ambient duo. In this new project we make short songs using samples from our other improvised music projects (DIY synths, oscillators, transducers), adding drums and bass to make doom/noise/ambient songs. We also use spoken word samples from interviews to queer activists of Berlin. The name „Mend don’t toss“, usually describing an ecological practice to spare natural resources, is the perfect name for this process of upcycling atonal and untypical sounds usually seen in a specialized setting - the improvised experimental music - into doom/ambient/noise songs which are the antidote soundtrack to our times, drenching doom with hope and an invitation to resistance. Still and always a queer feminist project.