Bondage tie-up jam || Ann Antidote Lun Ário

Bondage jam it is about creating a safe and creative space in order to get experimental. Nevertheless, structural and safety issues are deal with, but "as we go", the idea is to put the emphaszs on fun and creative thinking and less on teaching. begginers or anybody needing a technical introduction will get it, as well as anyone needing some more structural input. Not really thought of as a teaching event, but more like a (moderated) creative safe space where experiments can be made, and the group dynamic poses new challenges and improves the creative process with the rope. if you, want, bring special objects you want to tie up or incorporate in tie ups with human beings.

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September 2012

December 2023

20.Dec.2023 || Bondage tie-up jam || Shiatsu School || Ann Antidote || Berlin || In this event, bondage and other quiet consensual techniques, like massage etc. are welcome. Bring whatever is keeping you interested in the moment, for casual tying, for massage, for hanging out or drawing, writing poetry, whatever. Please register at (the space has limited capacity).