Eat More Bondage - short film evening || Ann Antidote

a short-film evening having bondage/shibari as main topic, but with special focus on non-mainstream views and experiments, which break or bend stereotypes about gender, performance, tradition, humor, aesthetics, or any other other. Let's eat more bondage, more varied bondage. -Performance by Frances d'Ath Films confirmed so far (list under construction): - Black Metal 1 - by Frances d'Ath - Let Go - by Mischa Badasyan - Various films by/with Dasniya Sommer - I/XXI - by Aida Jara - Slowdance (trailer) - by Harvey Rabbit - Remember Gay Love Story - by The Strange Life of the Savages - Fight and flight - by Proa Proeza - Cuerpas&Cuerdas (Bodies&Ropes) - Missogina, Proa Proeza and Maria Mutebox

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July 2016