Bondage regular event || Ann Antidote Lun Ário

Berlin, 2-3x in the month, dates keep changing so please write us for the next dates (or to receive the newsletter with all updates). Bondage hands-on workshop. For all levels, from beginner to advanced. Limited number of participants. Safety, lots of technique, tricks, mindsets, improvisation tools, aesthetics. With a friendly, non-hierarchical approach, the scope and rythmn of the workshop - for all levels! - are adapted to meet the needs and speed of the group. The exercises are always carefully adapted to all bodies, ambitions, possibilities (or lack thereof) and needs. You get to be creative and hopefully have fun; we’ll look after the technicalities, material, safety and some structural considerations. he scope and depth covered will be adapted to the needs and speed of the participants, without rushing. Content is decided with everybody in the room. All needs and wishes will be considered (needs will be accommodate, not all wishes will be necessarily granted, but we try). Every person gets detailed and tailored exercises and support, eventually additional content. Therefore no division into levels. This is a non-normative project and space, body-positive, actively including diversity, the needs of groups usually disregarded and not based on efficiency, profit or competition. Therefore: respect diversity of lives, bodies, expressions, sensitivities, neurotypes: no racism, no homo/transphobia, no fatphobia, no sexism, ageism, ableism, no discriminatory, oppressive or annoying isms, no bullshit! Let's all be aware of the space we take (or need). The workshop is for adults of all genders* and based on explicit consent. We accommodate adaptations of the exercises to the mobility (or lack thereof) and general health and conform needs of the participants studiesforthunder [arroba] gmail [point] com