Bondage suspension - defying Earth gravity || Ann Antidote Lun Ário

bondage suspension - Defying Earth's gravity. Bondage hands-on workshop. Limited number of participants. Takes place only with a minimum of participants. Suspension needs special care and consideration, because it is obviously risky in many obvious and non obvious ways. But is accessible if the we follow the safety and construction steps. Requirement is the basic knowledge of some traction compatible breast-harness aka TK (e.g. the popular ones by Kinoko, Arisue Go or Osada, but not limited to these). Participation at own risk, see event rules before registering. Diversity of all kinds is not only welcome in this workshop, but a fundamental part of it! Write us (studiesforthunder [arroba] gmail [point] com) for information or to receive the mailing list.

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September 2018

05.Sep.2018 || Bondage suspension - defying Earth gravity || PROUDLY PERVERTED || Ann Antidote Lun Ário || Berlin || Contribution of a photo depicting japanese bondage.

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