SafeR-Sex (including BDSM) || Ann Antidote

Safer Sex is more than a very useful too for prevention, is also a living part of each sexual experience. More than a set of safety practices, it is about awareness, responsabilisation, self empowerment and respect towards our partners and ourselves. Although a lot of information about SafeR Sex is throughout available (Internet, AIDS-Hilfen, associations, doctors…), special care is needed in the case of broader sexual practices, like BDSM. In this workshop we will reflect SafeR Sex in the perspective of BDSM. Does Safer Sex challenge BDSM? Is it a limitation of the possibilities by sexual practices? What is Safe in Domination plays for example? And what if it comes to bleed? In this interactive Workshops enthusiastic discussion will be encouraged with the aim to find our personal way to enjoy safer sex in every situation.

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