06.Nov.2019 || a collaboration || Askida (suspended) || Pi Artworks || Iz Oztat Ann Antidote || Istanbul || Iz Oztat Suspended 6 September - 2 November 2019. Part of Istanbul Bienal 2019. Pi Artworks Istanbul is pleased to welcome the new season with Iz Oztat’s solo exhibition, Suspended, reflecting on the relations between the subject and power, opening on September 6th, 2019.

Bondage suspension + performance + consulting by Ann Antidote.

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Suspended presents a collaboration between Iz Oztat and Ann Antidote, portraying a scene of suspension. As a response to freedom of expression being suspended in public sphere, Oztat explores being a body without agency through her own performance. The scene, negotiated through a consensual contract, interrogates the power dynamics experienced in daily life. The body of the submissive is wrapped, tied and suspended by the dominant in a white parchment that resembles both a swaddle and a shroud.