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Both of us (ann Antidote and Lun Ário) have been doing rope work tasks for films, theater, photography and what else. It is true that a lot of people can do very beautiful bondage, but not all are aware of both safety and costs and considerations specific to theater and film sets. It is different to do a bondage session for personal enjoyment, technical or not, the other is to do it in a film-set with e.g. people with no experience of bondage or even any type of body-work, or with a film producer looking at the costs of each delay. I have extensive experience being in film-maker or a theater plateau, I know what is involved, and we can offer you and your project a bondage concept that is optimal and safety-aware, including supporting you and your team time-planning, saving precious set-time and avoiding accidents, injuries and expensive delays. For example, in cinema we can help with "recyclable" ties that can be quickly undressed, or small changes to the shooting plan or to the plan of the breaks in a way that avoids shot repetitions and accidents and at the same time preserves continuity. Besides both of us have a (MS) degree in Physics and Engineering, so we can do assessment for statics, mechanics and safety, instead of relying on "somebody said that somebody thinks this and that is safe". I have worked in an extensive list of projects including Silver Leopard awarded "The Ornithologist". The list of projects with our rigging or ghost-rigging are below, at least if the programkng did not get buggy (ahem!). Ghost-rigging is like ghost-writting, but for bondage: means we can do the bondage and optionally appear or not on the film/performance. We also can help with the location scouting, safety concept and the mise-en-scene. Usual rates apply in general. Contact me/us for further questions. If I have time and spoons I may be open to contribute without retribution to no/low budget art projects if they are really equalitarian about being no/low budget (nobody gets paid, or everybody gets the same money enough to buy batteries). And I will very happy to NOT contribute in projects which pay for expensive equipment and locations but not paying the humans who make things happen. For commercial projects of all budgets and kinds I will not contribute pro bono. Commercial or funded projects should pay everybody proportionally to their budget.

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