Manifest and Hirstory

In their words: Manifest and Hirstory

The Strange Life of the Savages is a loose collective and an umbrella name for a lot of DIY art projects which are too diverse to have an own branding. It includes film making, performance, bondage, music and teaching and/or coaching. Common denominator happen to be themes which have to do with utopias, sex-positiveness, bondage, polyamory, solidarity, communities, and the free expression of all conscious and consensual life-styles, identities and choices. The Strange Life of the Savages actually started somewhere around 2008 as a platform for activism in its interventionist and educational aspect. We like to believe that it is possible to bring a positive change in a constructive way through challenging axioms, or by demonstrating new possibilities, and its intrinsic beauty, in our art, our events, in our lives. Nowadays The Strange Life of the Savages is an umbrella project for a handful of projects and/or people who work with each other, or/and independently, according to these principles. In general, we believe and apply that we dont have to fuck other people to survive, that collaboration and solidarity are the thing, in a non-hyerarchical approach, and that nobody can be free until everybody is free and with their basic needs met. And we believe in fun too. We are keen to receive suggestions for new topics, for collaborations, and we love to receive invitations for new events, specially if there is a party,drinks and fun around the corner... We used at different times the names The Sexual Life of the Savages and The Strange Life of the Savages. The first was taken, as homage, from a Brazilian post-punk music compilation. The second from a very colonialist anthropology book writen in the 19th Century. Both names are used with irony, trying to capture the "knows it all amateur anthropologist blinded by privilege" post colonialist tone, the ever-present judgemental attitude against any life form which doesn''t fit the norm. This tone is omnipresent (Also sometimes inside us) and needs to be put in check.