12.Mar.2022 || a collaboration || The Execution of O with the Death Mask || The Case of O:): An exhibition by Merve Tuna. || Merve Tuna Ann Antidote || Istanbul || Open 10.Feb-12.Mai

Merve Tuna Poster of exhibition 10.Feb - 12.Mar.Execution film. Concept Merve Tuna, Rope work Ann Antidote.

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06.Nov.2019 || a collaboration || Askida (suspended) || Pi Artworks || Iz Oztat Ann Antidote || Istanbul || Iz Oztat Suspended 6 September - 2 November 2019. Part of Istanbul Bienal 2019. Pi Artworks Istanbul is pleased to welcome the new season with Iz Oztat’s solo exhibition, Suspended, reflecting on the relations between the subject and power, opening on September 6th, 2019.

Ali Taptik Caption of film Askida by Iz Oztat, suspension by Ann Antidote, director of photography Ali TaptikBondage suspension + performance + consulting by Ann Antidote.

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Suspended presents a collaboration between Iz Oztat and Ann Antidote, portraying a scene of suspension. As a response to freedom of expression being suspended in public sphere, Ozt...(cont.)