Where wood is chopped splinters will fall || Ann Antidote Lun Ário

The piece "Where wood is chopped, splinters must fall" has as centerpiece a series of photographs where the traditional masculine/feminine work division is depicted and commented: Woodcutting tools versus cooking utensils. In the middle, a person with apparent masculine attributed physical traits, wearing a dress, kneels in an position traditionally attributed to submission. The gender of the person, or the range of possible genders, will be read by the viewers depending on hir/hes gender awareness. Same way, the role played by this character, or even the variety of stories told, can range from being objectified for the erotic pleasure of the beholder (a role traditionally taken by women), to being another useful domestic (unpaid) means of production to satisfy the needs of patriarchal family, society, state, or enacting someone between gender roles and identities. Several possible stories and topics overlap in this piece, inviting viewers to unfold them. The sound installation creates a sonic landscape depending on the number and interaction of visitors and complements and reinforces the possibilities of different narratives and interpretations.

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April 2017

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