Where does a body end? || Ann Antidote Lun Ário

“Kinbaku liberates partners spirituality by tying physically” (Arisue Go) Bondage binds the body and thus liberates the being we desire; in this installation we rig this impressive ancient oven and create a cavernous mesh evoking those same desired bodies and beings, beyond binding them. Using bondage as a method, we build a flexible sculpture that metaphors the human body, its fragilities and resonances. The structure should remain also an extended sexual toy, a mirror, a challenge, a memorial, to everything sexy, past, present and sometimes, but not always, future.. This mesh and its supporting structures can be used then to incorporate other bodies, human or inanimate, into the installation. This can, and will be done at certain times: some ephemeral (interaction), some permanent (representation and memorabilia).

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June 2013

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