Exhibition Vulva meet paper meets scissor || Ann Antidote Lun Ário Sadie Lune Sissi <3 <3 Caine Panik Raoul Berlin Lun Ário Kitty May JNY1

An exhibition put together by the strange life of the savages: A collage of (queer) graphical collaborations. With works from Ann Antidote, Sadie Lune, Sissi <3 <3, Luka Özyürek, Raoul Berlin, Lun Ário, Kitty May. Our graphical works here (vulvae themed or not) are all very different in methods, themes and realization, but are displayed in the same spirit of breaking mainstream's oppressive standards, mechanisms and norms (which is what cunts – body parts or rebellious cunt-minded persons of all genders- do on their own anyway, everyday), and are a kind invitation to do the same..

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