Where do you come from? A cocky answer... || Ann Antidote Lun Ário Carlos Vargas

About identities and how they go under your skin. Cultural profiling. "I am this also": the identities we choose, the identities we did not choose, the identities which also constructed us, and made us what we are, the identities we adopt, the identities we bring with us, want it or not, and the identities other people insist in putting us in, which can limit and condition us more that we are aware of. In the special case of cultural profiling and this performance, it is about getting angry about people asking you where do you come from, and assuming things because of that. it is about the things you might have hardcoded, for good and for bad, because of the environment you grew up in, and it is a schizo act of deep love and merciless criticism to the country where we grew up. Slut, harlot, faggot, foreigner, migrant, butch, tuga, perve, low-income, bugger, queen.. are we all this? Of course not, but for some, yes, we are that, for sure, even if you say no, not really. Of course not, and for some that doesnt matter. Or: Of course not, and that matters, and a LOT. And how does it matters? Specially developed for exhibition "I am this also".

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July 2012