Jealousy Management || Ann Antidote

On Green-Eyed Monsters, Compersive Teddies, and Humans In-between. Whenever a polyamourous lifestyle is mentioned or considered, usually a lot of questions regarding jealousy pop up immediately. But what is then this disruptive green-eyed monster? Do we all speak of the same thing when we mention jealousy? Do we know what it can put at stake? Are we susceptible to it? Do we have to deal with it? Do we know how to deal with it? And what about compersion? In this workshop there will not be universal or magical answers to those questions, but we will all be challenged to use the opportunity to find our own personal and tailored answers, with the help of the group. For this, we will sit together, try to analyse a couple of aspects in a simple and pragmatic way, suggest some tools, share our thoughts, and brainstorm together to help everybody find hir personal answer to such questions. No previous experience with polyamoury lifestyle or jealousy is required. Developed and presented the first times with Éskwe who doesn't have internet presence.

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17.Nov.2013 || Jealousy Management || Femref Univ. Oldenburg || Ann Antidote || Oldenburg

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