Do you want to talk about consent? || Ann Antidote

A WS on defining consent, saying yes, no, and defining limits. Consent is present in many of our decisions - consciously or not. And its role in feminism and in the queer movement is quite central, due to several independent reasons, of which the explicit objective to create safe spaces and eventually build a safe community for all is not the least important. The way we deal with consent has repercusions in the community we live and ultimately shape. A society where personal and collective needs and borders are respected, is desirable, but... ...can we honestly say, about ourselves, that we say “no” on every occasion we need to? Hmmm, maybe not. Saying “no” is important, actually it’s vital, but saying “no” can be very difficult. (..) In this WS we will make an introduction and pragmatic term definition before, we, as a group working together, dive - in a hands-on approach - into what means to define borders, to say no, to say yes, what hinders us, what feelings do we associate with it. In this WS we will not aim at exhausting the theme consent, but rather raise awareness to what comes with it, from a personal and colective point of view. This WS is intended as a begining and a furtheninig of the consent discussion and not about giving finished answers about it. Developed and presented the first times with Éskwe who doesn't have internet presence.

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