Polyamory and Networks || Ann Antidote Lun Ário

Being many but not alone, Polyamory and networks To live poly is not easy. A poly person must not only deal with prejudice originating from a society impregnated with the monogamous ideal, but one also has to deal with the variety of forms of polyamory and the different views on it. One way to meet the challenges a Poly person faces is to network. In this workshop, the participants together will try to learn from each other what different views exist on what is polyamory, then hopefully grasp the variety of forms of polyamory and discuss the need of networking and in which forms it can occur. Several real life examples will be presented by the facilitator.

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June 2012

16.Jun.2012 || Polyamory and Networks || Antifee Festival || Lun Ário || Göttingen

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November 2018

19.Nov.2018 || Polyamory and Networks || Naturfreundejugend Berlin || Ann Antidote || Berlin || With Ann Antidote and Prem. "Polyamorie. Vermarktungs- oder Befreiungspotenzial?". We will cover polyamory 101 topics, as well as other topics from a critical to capitalism (or mononormative system), as well a (Alternative) networks, intersectionality, tools, opportunities, trapdoors in a friendly and non-hyerarchical discussion space.

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