18.Nov.2017 || Performance || The Rope meets Noise ensemble || XB-liebig || Ann Antidote Notorische Ruhestörung || Berlin

Crossover performance Bondage + improvised (noise) music. We combine here our common taste for bondage and noise music, and we use instruments as basic as possible to compose and improvise (both music and bondage) in real time. The instruments we use include circuit bending, DIY oscillators, or salvaged tape recorders, but cyborg sky is the limit, because we will not exclude a device just because someone declared it as not functional or not musical. Original idea and development: Ann Antidote, Notorische Ruhest√∂rung and Lun √Ārio. Implemented as collective project with as many collaborators as it can have.

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Rope meets noise, Performance, Music, Bondage

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