25.Sep.2023 || Film || Night in dreamy glitter: Kay's 119th Testo-shot || Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest || Ann Antidote Lun Ário KAy Garnellen || London

KAy Garnellen, a transgender sex worker, gets a special Testo-shot from his friends. KAy Garnellen is a transgender sex worker and performer based in Berlin. In this documentary KAy gets his 119th biweekly T-shot (testosteron injection) in a very special way: from and with his friends, and explains and talks about HRT (hormone replacement treatment). This self-produced film is part of a series of DIY documentaries based on unearthing n-years old casual footage of evenings at our The Glitter UnDojo, shot mostly with plain point and shoot cameras. The Glitter UnDojo is our living room, a place hosting bondage workshops, music concerts and skills-sharing events, or receiving friends and allies coming for a tea, and being a well known meeting place for non-normative, queer, sex-positive expressions and lifestyles in Berlin. We believe that while being super casual and home made, the lifestyles and actions depicted are a strong statement on queer, transgender and sex-positive lifestyles with a pertinent and urgent education content. While we believe that the message of this film is more important than the footage quality, some effort has been made to recover the footage from the original 490p resolution.

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